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Florida Manatee Tours

Swim with Manatees in Florida – Homosassa & Crystal River

snorkeling with manatee close up portrait underwater in crystal river

Located in the crystal clear waters of Homosassa Springs & Crystal River Florida, Hog Tide fishing charters offers year round Manatee snorkel and sightseeing tours. This is a relaxing journey through the backwaters of Homosassa & Crystal River designed for individuals, groups, and families.

In the summertime these trips are a great way to relax and enjoy the cool waters while looking for the Florida manatee. However, manatee spotting action heats up as the weather cools off. Generally from late fall through spring, these “sea cows” congregate in the warmer waters of Homosassa Springs. All year round we also go by Homosassa’s very own monkey island. We have an island full of spider monkeys that make for a great photo op as well as an entertaining stop on your trip.

In the summer we pack along cold water for our guests, and in the winter time we also bring hot chocolate and coffee.

These trips include snorkels, wetsuits, and masks. We also offer multiple boats for large groups on this tour.

Looking for the VIP treatment on your next adventure with us? We offer add-on services such as swim guides and prepared food and additional drinks for your trip.

Please be sure to contact us for details and to arrange these add on services before reserving if you wish to do so.

Florida Manatee Tour Rates

2 Hour Manatee Snorkel Tours

$4999Per Person
  • Enclosed Cabin
  • Multiple Boats Available

3 Hour Manatee VIP Tour

$6999Per Person
  • Includes Visit to Monkey Island
  • Includes Snacks & Food

Included in all Manatee Tours:

Snorkel Gear, Wetsuit, Closed Cabin Boat, Warm Coffee & Hot Chocolate, Experienced Local Guide, and Awesomeness.

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manatee close up portrait underwater in crystal river

Crystal River Manatee Tours

Crystal River, Florida is the premiere destination for Florida based manatee snorkel tours. This area of Florida offers manatee’s prime year round habitat, as well as shelter from cooler winter water temps. This combination allows for visitors to engage with the Florida manatee in a way not available elsewhere in the state. The temperatures in the Crystal River manatee viewing area maintain a temp of +70 degrees throughout the cooler months. In this, manatees congregate here and allow our guests the opportunity to spend the day with them.

manatee close up portrait underwater in crystal river

Homosassa Manatee Tours

Homosassa, Florida offers a combination of both experiencing the magnificent Nature Coast as well as provide guest the opportunity to swim with the manatee’s. The crystal clear and temperate waters here allow for both comfort and enjoyment for a family looking for a day away doing something memorable. Manatee trips out of Homosassa are one of our favorites- our experienced local manatee snorkel guide, the equipment, and the amenities we offer will make your manatee trip with us a pleasant one. To add to this, this trip makes or one of the best manatee photo options available in the state of Florida.

Swimmer who took a picture of a amantee in Florida

The Come Back Kid

In 1975, Florida’s school children helped designate the endangered Florida manatee as Florida’ state marine mammal. Since then, various research, management and educational efforts have occurred to bring back a species that many people thought was on the verge of extinction.

The West Indian manatee consists of two subspecies, the Florida manatee and the Antillean manatee. Until recently, both subspecies were listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act. However, on 5 April 2017, the Fish and Wildlife Service reclassified the species, including both subspecies, as threatened.