Homosassa Scalloping

Scallop Trip

$300Incl. 4 People
  • Add. People $50/ea
  • Trip Duration 8am- 1pm

Summertime Scalloping in the Homosassa is a popular, fun and refreshing water adventure. Likened to an Easter egg hunt with fins, snorkel and a grab net. A perfect outdoors activity for the whole family. Just jump in to the clear shallow water, snorkel around and pick up the delicious scallops you see.

An activity all ages can enjoy. Scalloping only requires that you can swim in the shallow waters off homosassa. Whilest hunting for scallops you will also discover many varieties of local fish. Flounder, tropical fish, crabs, corals and sponges fill the view from your mask. Dolphin are frequent visitors as well.

Our Scallop trips start at 8:00am and returning at 1:00pm.

Limits on scallops are 2 gallons of whole scallops per person. When cleaned 2 gallons of whole scallops will yeild 1 pint of fresh sweet goodness.

Don’t know how to clean scallops? Fear not! They can be cleaned quickly for you upon returning to the dock.

Scallop season in 2016 opens June 25 and closes Sept. 24. Be sure to book your dates in advance, reservations fill up quick!